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Katie Henderson Says:

"Before using Jeff's services, I had been wanting to purchase a Water Softener for quite some time. Unfortunately, I knew next to nothing about different brands or my options for my home. Jeff made things really simple for me and helped me select the best Water Softener for my needs. He was on time for installation, and even worked around my schedule. He was extremely informative and helpful. I even appreciated his cleanliness while installing my product. I am thrilled with both the equipment and service that I receive from 4 Star Water Service!"

Janee Roper Says:

"I've had a terrific experience with a water softener repairman and thought I'd spread the cheer if anyone else is in need. This serviceman went the extra mile to repair our water softener for a reasonable price. His name is Jeffrey from 4 star water service. When our water softener broke, I had three different companies come out to try to fix it. They all came and looked at it for five minutes and said it couldn't be fixed (or they couldn't find the parts for it) and proceeded to try to sell me a new and very expensive water softener for thousands of dollars. (My water softener was less than 5 years old!) Luckily, I stumbled upon Jeff in the phonebook and he came out as a repairman (NOT A SALESMAN) and committed to fix it. He fixed it splendidly and even came back for a free to check and make sure that it was "cycling" properly. Hooray for great service! Give him a call if you ever need your water softener repaired!"

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